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Transparency EP
© City Voices 2013


released March 12, 2013

All songs written by City Voices and Dave Hummel

Vocals: Suzanne Annette
Bass: Tj McKinney
Guitar: Jesse McDaries
Drums: Jarrett Stanley
Additional Instruments: Dave Hummel
Backing Vocals: Jen Jesse, Jaden Luby and Rain Luby

Producer: Dave Hummel
Engineers: Stuart Badger, Dave Hummel, Paul Kohler, and Dakota Gardner
Mixing & Mastering: Dave Hummel
Vocal Arrangement: Jen Jesse
Recorded at Battle Ground Sound in Norfolk, VA
Artwork: Dustin Addair

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all rights reserved


City Voices Virginia Beach, Virginia

We are City Voices, a band from a city by the sea.

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Track Name: See Through
Verse 1:
She is perfect, or so she’d have you say
But when you look the way she does it’s never hard to get your way
Sweetheart, I’ve done my time and I have paid my dues
You’re no exception you will have to pay up too

I hope you get what you’ve earned, cuz I know that you deserve it
You’re a little bit, just a little bit see-through
I hope the lesson was learned, cuz God knows you had it coming
You’re a little bit, just a little bit see-through

Verse 2:
Could it be there’s nothing left to say
But you’ve still got a few cheap shots that you’re lining up to take
No, nothing left to say, I am not afraid of you
You’re not invisible, but I see right through you

So face the mirror sweetie
Do you like what you see?
Yea face the mirror sweetie
You’re not as flawless as you think

I hope you get what you’ve earned, cuz I know that you deserve it
You’re a little bit, just a little bit see through
I can see right through you
They can see right through you
We can see right through you
Track Name: Monster
Verse 1:
You’re pointing fingers, you shake your head in shame
Yes I should be ashamed
And sighing sadly, it’s clear that I’m in disgrace
Yes, I’m a disgrace

Is it everything you thought, getting everything you want
No, you’re never satisfied

You are un-pleasable, you unappeasable monster
You’re better off a lone
It’s inconceivable, you’re unbelievable
Cruel down to your bones

Verse 2:
Roll your eyes, you look away, it’s evident you think you are
With every selfish thing you say, I am running in the other

You built yourself a throne
You built yourself a throne
You set yourself a pyre
Now watch it burn, now watch it burn
Track Name: Wherever You Go
Verse 1:
It was you who I believed in, from the beginning
You who held my heart
You knew all my dreams, I told you all my secrets
And it was your arms
That I wanted around me
Because, when things got crazy
You kept me safe

Now everything is different, you’re not the same
I don’t know you like I used to
Weren’t you the one who promised you’d never change?
I don’t know you, but I want to

Verse 2:
I’ll be living far away, you’ll be living life on
Someone else’s dime
I’ll be standing on a stage in front of thousands
Will you be wasting time?
But I want you around me
Cuz everything is getting hazy
I wish you’d stay

I never thought I would come to the conclusion
For you and I, there may never be a resolution
But I want you to know that, wherever you go
There’s a place that you can still call home, home
Track Name: Resolve
Verse 1:
You were something so special and familiar to me
I knew you like a melody, I followed blindly for what felt like forever
But there were pieces of my heart that you were trying to expose
So you could know me better, do you think you know me better now?

This will be the last song, where I think of you
The memories are all dissolving with every phrase
This will be the last song, when the final note plays out
You’ll fade away, like you were nothing

Verse 2:
And now we’ve fallen out of sync, where once we were in harmony
Two voices just collide in total dissonance
Oh, goodbyes, so bittersweet
This has become a tragedy
But when it’s over, when this is over
You’ll probably see me dancing

You said things you never meant, made promises you never kept
Your words were weightless and I was taken in, you really had me going (repeat)

Last line:
Like you were nothing… but a song
Track Name: Take It All Away
Verse 1:
Can you hear me, I wish you’d answer cuz I can’t take the silence anymore
So let me know if you are listening because right now I feel like I’m all alone
Can I go back to the beginning when all of this still felt brand new
Back when it seemed that everything I dreamed was at my feet
And I had nothing left to lose

I wanted honesty above all else, but I got to be honest with myself

Everything I thought I wanted I was wrong about
Everything I said I need I know I can do without
Could it be that my perspective was so flawed
Now with everything to lose just take it all, I give it back to you

Verse 2:
I tried to pinpoint the cause, I couldn’t see that maybe I was the one to blame
But all the words created verses, forming phrases I never thought I’d say

I’m a mess, ignorant, my motivations, my intentions are not always the
I confess I wanted things I did not earn, I placed blame where it was not deserved
I didn’t care who I hurt
The issues, the misuse of gifts You have given
Won’t You take it all away
The promise that I could be forgiven
Take it all, but leave me grace
Track Name: When I Wake
Verse 1:
I can remember the day when our time was taken away
The colors ran out and all I have now is a black and white picture in the frame
Try to recall your voice, the sound of it over all of the noise of this world
Still guides me, you still light my way home
There in your eyes, there was a kindness
The kind that I miss and I wait for the day when I’ll see you again

Maybe, all this time, I have been sleeping
And seeing you face to face
Maybe, it will end a lifetime of dreaming
I’ll see you when I wake

Verse 2:
It hasn’t been easy, we all lose our way
And this may be a dream, but I like to believe there’s a place
For me in your arms
You feel so far away, but I anticipate
Yes, I wait for the day when I’ll see you again

Your hands reach out for mine
And I can feel you, over space and time,
You’re guiding me home